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Bridge Logos - God 365

God Everyday 365

A spiritually energizing and uplifting start to every day.

A new contemporary devotional. In his dynamic daily devotional, God Every Day, pastor and author Mike Lutz provides readers with a spiritually energizing and uplifting start to their day. God Every Day is a contemporary and practical daily devotional that will have you waking up eager to hear from God.

Mike Lutz
Onward - Russell Moore


The power of unrestrained repentance and a man after God's own heart.

Through the events of the main character, readers will learn Bible lessons and come to know the face of God. They will learn that David's power was rooted in unrestrained repentance, making him a man after God's own heart.

David Ferreira
The Life You've Always Wanted - John Ortberg

The Pilgrim's Progress

How spiritual disciplines like prayer can lead to a joyful, fulfilling life.

Is your faith more like an "insurance" policy? If it is, you're missing out on the best part of Christianity---God's life-changing power! In this edition of his classic book, Ortberg reveals how prayer, meditation, fasting, servanthood, confession, and other spiritual disciplines can lead to the joyous, fulfilling life that you truly desire.

John Bunyan
One Thousand Gifts - Ann Voskamp


The fictionalized story of Mary Magdalene and Simon the Zealot.

Albastron is historical fiction set in first century Judea during the three-year ministry of Jesus of Nazareth. The narrative unfolds through two characters: Simon the Zealot, who is listed in the third chapter of Mark as the eleventh disciple, and Mary Batasha-bas-Hillel, a fictionalized representation of Mary Magdalene. It is both a love story and a depiction of their separate spiritual journeys before coming together in one accord at the end of the novel. Unlike other depictions of Mary Magdalene, this novel brings the reader to the teachings of Jesus through the lives of these characters.

Judith Goulding
Bridge Logos - With Christ in the School of Prayer

With Christ in the School of Prayer

Explore the believer's most important ministry - intercessory prayer.

Prepare yourself for one of the church's most important ministries---intercessory prayer. Using Jesus' teaching on prayer as a model, Murray begins at the elementary level and then leads you step-by-step deeper into the holiness of God. This special revised edition includes a timeline tracing Christian and secular history, and a brief illustrated biography of Murray.

Andrew Murray
Bridge Logos - City Refuge

City of Refuge

So many lives were affected by the fatal accident on that stormy morning.

This novel is a page-turner from beginning to end. So many lives were affected by a fatal accident that took place one stormy morning. It took the lives of a minister's wife, two of their daughters, and their son. The surviving daughter and her twin brother were left with great bitterness, heartache, and sorrow. The father, a Baptist pastor, was so devastated that he left the ministry. Meanwhile, the young man who felt responsible for the accident had to fight through a swirling maelstrom of guilt, shame, and horror. The reader will be stirred to the core by the emotional impact of this story with all its intrigue, surprises, and its vivid insights into the human condition. The writing is raw, intense, compelling, and moving. It is easy to readily identify with the feelings, experiences, and thoughts of each of the characters.

Ashley King
Bridge Logos = Final Awakening

Final Awakening

Awakened after one thousand into a battle against the worst enemy mankind has ever faced.

Andre, a once decorated war hero turned career criminal takes part in an above top secret government experiment along with twelve other prison inmates shortly before the known world comes to a virtual end. They are awakened one thousand years later into a world far different from which they left. Andre finds himself in a battle for a new life in this new world against the worst enemy mankind has ever faced. Full of twists and turns Final Awakening delivers excitement, suspense, and a jaw dropping wow.

C.D. Vickers
Bridge Logos - Bible Meditations for All Your Needs

Bible Meditations

For all your needs - dive into the deeper things of God and receive His benefits every day.

Bible Meditations for all your needs will help the reader to dive into the deeper things of God, and this will lead to success, peace, joy, and victory. The reader will learn to trust God for all their needs, realizing through Bible meditation that God will supply all their need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. (See Philippians 4:19.) The personal meditations within this book cover a wide range of topics that address individual human needs such as confidence, courage, financial security, guidance, love, rest, and wisdom. Various verses from the Bible form the core of each meditation. The reader will learn what Bible meditation is and does, how it works, and how its power applies to every aspect of life. In the process he or she will receive God’s blessings and benefits every day, gain insights from God’s Word, achieve victory, encounter God, hear His voice, and learn directly from Him.

Lloyd Hildebrand
Bridge Logos - Forgetting Your Past

Forgetting Your Past

A 21-day practical prescription to overcome the past and turn pain into purpose.

Many Christians are hiding something from their past and it's hurting them every day. Some cannot forget what God Himself has forgiven, or what someone else has done to them, or what they have done to others. Best selling author, Bob Gass, offers a 21-day practical prescription to overcome the past and turn pain into purpose. Part of a new series of books, which includes Starting Over.

Bob Gass
Bridge Logos - Warnings to the Seven Churches

Warnings to the Seven Churches

Heed the warning and protect the Chruch, our own lives, and our families.

The Church is being invaded by spiritual parasites that are causing weakness, paralysis, blindness, and ineffectiveness in the Body of Christ today. Using the seven churches of the Book of Revelation as the backdrop for her teaching on this vital subject, Tina Blount speaks directly and convincingly about: The parasite of busyness The parasite of fear The parasite of compromise The parasite of tolerance The parasite of blind hypocrisy The parasite of inferiority The parasite of complacency The author writes, Shortly after major surgery, I learned that a rare parasite had been found in my body, I later learned that if the parasite had lived, it would have traveled to my eyes, spiritual parasites do the same thing. They enter during moments of vulnerability or weakness, and, left unadressed, they will feed on the host until they render it useless or destroy it. This analogy is effective in that it not only warns us but it shows us how to deal with the problem through effective spiritual warfare. Let's heed the warning and protect the Chruch of Jesus Christ, our own lives, and our families through the strategies outlined in this eye-opening, helpful book.

Tina Blount
Bridge Logos - True Financial Freedom

True Financial Freedom

Real stories of real people who tell you how they were set free from debt by following biblical principles.

Real people, real families tell you how they went from being financially devastated to free from debt by following the biblical principles and practical steps from Crown Financial Ministries. Supported and promoted by one of the largest financial ministries in the world. Designed for "beginners" who are trying to turn around financial failure.

Howard Dayton
Bridge Logos - Foxe's Book of Martyrs

Foxe's Book of Martyrs

The most up-to-date version of Foxe's book ever published - essential reading for every believer.

Would you suffer persecution, poverty, and prison for Christ? Would you endure cruel tortures that take your mind and body to the brink of death and beyond? Would you watch your children suffering for their faith and urge them to remain faithful to Christ? Would you endure inhuman tortures and "hold fast the profession of your faith without wavering" (Hebrews 10:23)? Would you stand boldly and without shame and confess Christ as your Lord, to your own and to your family's peril? Two thousand years of martyrs For nearly two-thousand years, courageous men and women have been tortured and killed because of their confessions of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. The New Foxe's Book of Martyrs tells their stories. Stories of heroic courage and overcoming faith. Stories of love of God and Christ. Stories of the amazing grace of God that enabled men, women, and children to endure persecutions and often horrible deaths. Foxe¿s last revision in 1570 Foxe's last revision of his Book of Martyrs was in 1570. In the 18th century others added to his book. But Christians have continued to be persecuted and martyred every year since then. More Christians were martyred in this century alone than in all the past centuries combined. The New Foxe's Book of Martyrs tells their stories from A.D. 37 to 1997 in modern English, and includes new historical data that clarifies and harmonizes people, places, and times. The New Foxe's Book of Martyrs is the most up-to-date version of Foxe's book ever published. It is essential reading for the study of Christian persecution in Foxe's day and in ours

John Foxe
Bridge Logos - Discovering God'ds Will for Your Life

Discovering God's Will

Learn to listen to God's voice, remain in His will, and progress in His plans.

Mike Lutz's new book, Discovering God's Will for Your Life: Your Journey with God, possesses something that other books of this kind do not have: a fresh approach! A few of the chapter titles are as follows: You Talkin' to Me?, I Object!, Watch the Road!, Detours, Obstacles, and Rough Roads, Are We There Yet?. Readers will truly be inspired and enjoy their journey as they find out how to listen to God's voice, remain in His will, and progress in His plans.

Mike Lutz
Bridge Logos - From Darkness to Light

From Darkness to Light

How to rescue someone you love from the the occult.

Shows how to rescue a loved one from the occult. Exposes Satan's schemes Jeff Harshbarger is a former Satanist. His attempts at suicide went astonishingly wrong, and his encounter with Jesus helped him get free from Satan's shackles. This book exposes Satan's schemes and shows the readers how to rescue someone they love from occult bondage. Jeff is now considered to be one of the worlds' leading experts on the occult. Thousands of people have sought his help for those they love. This informative and helpful book provides help and hope for those who are caught up in Wicca, witchcraft, vampirism, Satanism, and other realms of darkness. The President of Cleansing Stream Ministries, Chris Hayward, writes, Jeff Harshbarger tells the unvarnished truth about the occult. Through his personal story, you'll understand why and how a person is easily drawn into the dark side. More imporantly, Jeff teaches you how to join with God to help break the strongholds that bind someone there. His no-nonsense approach explodes the myths of ghost stories and vampire movies. This is the real stuff. From Darkness to Light is a simple, comprehensive must-read for anyone who wants to rescue a loved one from the occult.

Jeff Harshbarger
Bridge Logos - Dragons or Dinosaurs

Dragons or Dinosaurs?

Could they be one and the same? The answer is a powerful truth that confirms biblical authority.

This book brings forth many new theories and evidence that are sure to intrigue you. Dragon legends are found in nearly every culture around the globe. They have been thought to be myths. Yet, mysteriously, these dragons sound a lot like the other giant scaled reptiles, dinosaurs. Could they be one and the same? Surprisingly enough, the answer to this question is a powerful truth that confirms biblical authority and greatly weakens the theory of evolution. This book brings forth many new theories and evidence that are sure to fascinate the reader.

Darek Isaacs