Author: Marshall Alexander

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SMASHING THROUGH DEATHS DOOR,9780882704913,Marshall Alexander
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I am not a great saint of God, a nationally known personality with a large following, or a man without faults and challenges. The book is not a tell-all story of my failings or my accomplishments. It is simply a story about how the love of God endures throughout one man’s life and proves that God’s Word can be trusted. My story indicates that life is a marathon with the goal of running well in God’s eyes and finishing the race. I took some wrong turns during the race, but managed to find my way back on course. I have had to run the race through obstacles and storms that have made me want to quit at times, but by the grace of God and through His strength I have continued. I have found the joy of the Lord while running and overcoming the obstacles. The book reveals that I am still running the race; it is not over until it is over. I am simply an ordinary guy who loves his heavenly Father, and now knows more than ever after that dark night of March 16, 2007, that my heavenly Father loves me. You, too, could be that same ordinary guy or gal. I hope this story encourages you and forces you to your knees to realize and accept that the same God I serve can also be your everlasting joy.

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ISBN: 9780882704913

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