Author: Emilio Ramos

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CONVERT: FROM ADAM TO CHRIST ,9780882708119,Emilio Ramos
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Emilio Ramos uses Scripture and the writings of Christian leaders to help the reader understand the mysteries of conversion. This book provides outstanding preparation for all who are called to be pastors, evangelists, teachers, personal workers, and church leaders. How does God work in the conversion process, as He takes us out of Adam and puts us into Christ? This book definitively answers this question with clarity and biblical truth. Ray Comfort writes, "We are living in an age where many are lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God. An unbiblical form of Christianity is not only accepted but promulgated throughout the contemporary church. . . . So it's refreshing to find men like my friend Emilio Ramos who have a deep and abiding love for the Word of God." This book will help the reader to know the difference between true and false conversions, and it will impel many to reach out to the lost with a new sense of urgency.

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ISBN: 9780882708119

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