More Than We Deserve, Greater Than We Imagine

Author: Max Lucado

Format: Trade Paper
GRACE (REPACK),9780529117694,Max Lucado
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Grace.We talk as though we understand the term. The bank gives us a?grace?period. The seedy politician falls from?grace. Musicians speak of a?grace?note. We describe an actress as?gracious, a dancer as?graceful. We use the word for hospitals, baby girls, kings, and premeal prayers. We talk as though we know what?grace?means.But bestselling author Max Lucado says we?ve settled for a wimpy grace, a goldfish grace that sits in a bowl on the shelf and never causes trouble or demands a response.Now available as a trade paperback, Lucado's bestselling book reminds readers that there?s more to grace than we?ve ever imagined. In this cornerstone message of Lucado's ministry, he challenges readers to not only receive grace but also to be changed by grace. Shaped by grace. Strengthened by grace. Emboldened by grace. Softened by grace. Snatched by the nape of their neck and shaken to their senses by grace.

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ISBN: 9780529117694

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