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GOD'S GENERALS FOR KIDS VOLUME 2: SMITH WIGGLESWORTH (Order #141574),9781610361156,Liardon/Goldenberg
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The second book in a very popular series for children, God's Generals for Kids: Smith Wigglesworth by Roberts Liardon and Olly Goldenberg takes a look at the life of one of the pioneers in healing evangelism:Smith Wigglesworth. This book provides children with his life story and some of his teachings, which both thunder and whisper within the heart of a child. Children will learn that Mr. Wigglesworth was completely sold out to Jesus. When he preached, the deaf heard, the blind saw, the lame walked, and people were saved. Wigglesworth wrote, Today I am actually living in the Acts of the Apostles' time, I am speaking with new tongues, the holy fire of God's presence fills me till my pen moves to the glory of God, and my whole being is filled with the presence of the Holy Ghost. This thrilling book will help children to know God better. Though Smith Wigglesworth was once poor, not able to read or write, and a plumber by trade, God moved tremendously in him and through him. When he learned to read, he chose to read only the Bible. Through faith he stepped out to minister to untold thousands. This biographical and teaching book will inspire children to become more like Christ as Smith Wigglesworth was.

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ISBN: 9781610361156

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