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AUDIO CD-KIDS BIBLE-EASTER EDITION-15 CD/1 DVD/1 MP3,9781936081813,Media Casscom
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Enrich the lives of children with scripture this Easter in a fun and engaging manner. Make a positive impact on children and their playmates as they share scripture with their friends and share over 100 songs. FREE BONUS DVD Here Comes Jesus relates the experience of Christ and the story of Easter from the moment Jesus rides a donkey in The Big Parade through His sharing of bread and wine and servitude in The Last Supper and onward until He is BETRAYED by the kiss of Judas. Peter will tell his story of following Jesus and children will learn of the crucifixion of Jesus and how even the thief on the cross knew that Jesus was not guilty. Allow children to rejoice as they watch Jesus come alive and ascend back to heaven! Additionally, the kid's Bible FREE bonus MP3 CD makes downloading to your favority portable device simple allowing for further enjoyment of the kid's Bible while on the go!

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ISBN: 9781936081813

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