Author: Robert Engelhardt

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SPEAKING IN TONGUES,9781610361194,Robert Engelhardt
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Speaking in tongues is a portal to the spiritual dimension that few people recognize or go through. The truth is that the blessings of praying in tongues as a devotional practice are available to every Christian. To receive these blessings, however, an investment of time, commitment, and devotion are required. Did you know that speaking in tongues was foreshadowed prophetically in several Old Testament Scriptures and is visible in images found throughout the Bible? Speaking in tongues releases the dynamo of God’s Spirit in your behalf, as it separates light from darkness, engages angelic ministry, helps to pave your future, and provides fresh insights into the The reader will greatly benefit from this book by grasping a profoundly biblical grid for understanding the purposes and benefits of speaking in tongues. This new perspective will set the reader free to embrace and practice tongues without embarrassment or confusion. This is a fresh voice from a veteran pastor that calls the people of God back to the original power of the Holy Spirit.

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ISBN: 9781610361194

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