DVD-WOUNDED IN THE CHURCH,9781629119359,Beeson /  Hayward

Hope Beyond the Pain

Author: Beeson / Hayward

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Church should be a safe place, right? Then why do so many get hurt there?

Ray Beeson and Chris Hayward combine their years of ministry experience to address head-on the elephant in the room: church members and church leaders hurt Christians. All the time. And the long-lasting effects--rejection, shame, despair, loneliness, fear--can be devastating. The authors have witnessed the rise of the "dones," those who are just done with God thanks to scars from church. With first-person stories of hurt and loss, Wounded in the Church is a wake-up call for any who deny woundedness in the church but is also a redemptive message for any who hurt from church wounds.

In this companion DVD to the Participant’s Guide for Wounded in the Church, Ray and Chris introduce each of the eight sessions that are based on the book. Their fresh content and personal appeal make this an ideal aid for group leaders and participants.

Format: DVD
ISBN: 9781629119359
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