From The Oval Office

Author: Larry Dr Keefauver

Format: Hardcover
PRAYERS OF THE PRESIDENTS,9781610361910,Larry Dr Keefauver
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Join our nation's presidents throughout history in prayer from George Washington to Donald J. Trump. The prayers, invocations, words of faith and inspiration spoken by our Chief Executives will encourage and renew you in prayer, faith and declaring, "God bless America!" Pray with... George Washington seeking God's blessing for the United States. John Adams imploring God's blessing over the White House and its inhabitants. Thomas Jefferson to preserve our nation's heritage. James Madison for public humility. John Quincy Adams in grateful thanksgiving. Abraham Lincoln in establishing a day of fasting and prayer. James Garfield for our children and children's children. Franklin Roosevelt just as he prayed for our troops and soldiers in arms. Dwight D. Eisenhower to be able to discern right from wrong. John F. Kennedy for a vision of peace. Jimmy Carter for mercy, justice and humility. Ronald Reagan for freedom and liberty for us and all nations. George Bush to thank God for His love. Barak Obama for George W. Bush for strength and guidance. Donald Trump in thanksgiving for God's gift of liberty to America.

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ISBN: 9781610361910

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